Unveiling the Essentials of Energy Performance Certificates

7th August 2023

Understanding Energy Performance Certificates in Real Estate

Hello there! I'd like to share some important information about something called Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) in real estate. When you're dealing with buying, selling, or renting buildings, EPCs playa big role. These certificates show how much energy a building usesand give helpful tips to make it more energy-efficient. 

Why EPCs Matter

EPCs are like a report card for how well a building uses energy. They're required by the law in Malta, which comes from a special rule made by the European Union. This rule is called the Energy Perfomance of Buildings Directive (EPBD). In Malta, the Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (EPBR) o 2012 make sure everyone follows these rules.

What's Inside an EPC

An EPC is like a guidebook. It tells people who want to buy or rent a building how much energy it uses. Just like you have labels on appliances that show how much electricity they use, buildings get a rating too. This rating helps people understand how much energy they might need for things like heating and cooling the building.

How EPCs Happen

Someone called an Energy Performance of Buildings (EPB) assessor checks the building to create the EPC. The assessors are approved by the Building Regulation Office (BRO). They look at things like the building's size, materials, and how it's made. Then, they figure outhow much energy the building uses and create an official EPC. You can find a list of approved assessors on www.epc.gov.mt.

Cost and Validity

Getting an EPC costs some money, and then assessor decides how much. The certificate is vald for 10 years, even if you want to sell the building during that time. But if you make big changes to the building that affect how much energy it uses, you might need a new EPC.

What's Checked in an EPC

The EPC assesses many things like the shape of the building, the materials used, and how things like windows and insulation are set up. It also looks at things like lighting, heating, cooling, and even renewable energy stuff like solar panels.

Tips for Saving Energy

The EPC also gives suggestions to make the building use less energy. These suggestions are made just for that building and are included in the certificate. But remember, you're not forced to follow these suggestions. 

Remember the EPC

It's really important to have the EPC when you're selling or renting a building. If you don't show it when asked by the BRO, you might have to pay a fine, which can be between €500 and €5,000.

So there you have it, a simple way to understand Energy Performance Certificates and how they help make buildings more energy-efficient. Stay informed and make wise choices in real estate!

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