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We are the new generation of real estate agents.

Let Buy Mark

Welcome to Let Buy Mark – leaders among the new generation of real estate agents. Let Buy Mark can assist clients in all aspects of real estate, from Renting to Buying or Selling of all types of properties, whether residential or commercial in nature.

Let Buy Mark is a real estate agency which has been founded by great creative minds with many years of experience in the real estate industry, and is backed by others with a legal and financial services background. They have joined forces to share their ONE vision: to stand out and set a higher standard of excellence within the current real estate industry in Malta.

Although Let Buy Mark is a relatively new player to the local real estate market, it has already shown great signs of growth and initial success, and it already has a strong international team of real estate agents, interior designers and photographers from all over the world.


Welcome to Let Buy Mark!

- Leaders among the new generation of real estate agents -


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Malta is a fast-growing and an open Real Estate environment supported by important tax benefits and Government measures. The right moment to invest in Real Estate in Malta, is always now. 


Our Real Estate

We believe in a professional relationship with our clients and we offer You the best options after an accurate selection of the Market Offer. 



 We are acknowledged as the "Best Letting Agent of the Year '' at the "Malta's Real Estate, Property Development and Architecture Awards 2021" demonstrating outstanding skills and commitment. 


Let Buy Mark

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Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a man who in life had encountered many challenges in life but who had also achieved much success in his career. One day, he had decided that he wanted to make a difference and he met up with experts from other industries.

His idea was that the combination of their knowledge and different backgrounds could lead to a joint success. After agreeing on their vision and the way forward, they established Let Buy Mark in 2017, as the new generation of real estates. From the very first day, Let Buy Mark has shown an amazing growth and potential to the satisfaction of its founders and industry.

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